Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments offers three main product lines that are marketed under the Builtrite™ Brand. These include a full line of Stationary Electric Material Handlers, Truck Mounted Material Handlers (Knuckleboom Loaders) and a full complement of Attachments for not only our equipment but those of other manufacturers.


We also work on completely custom products like mill liner handlers that significanlty reduce the time and increase safety in replacing wear castings from rod mill liners found in iron ore processing plants. We are very adept at taking our basic product offerings and re-designing them to suit other applications. If you you are even from a completely different industry and have specific material handling requirements, please call. We will be happy to listen. If we feel it is within our area of expertise, we will be happy to quote it to you.


Stationary Electric Material Handlers

Builtrite™ stationary electric (SE) material handlers have proven themselves to be the most economic means of moving both scrap and waste materials. Their cost per hour to run as opposed to mobile, diesel run units are much lower, both in terms of energy and maintenance costs. They significantly reduce both air and noise pollution as well, increasing the safety factor to operators and yard personnel. Read more about Stationary Electric Material Handlers

Truck Mounted Material Handlers

Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments offers 6 models of truck mounted material handlers (both Back of the Cab and Rear Mount versions) that are used in a number of applications, including roadside garbage pick-up (model 60,80,1010), to the larger model 1300 and 2200 which are used by drilling contractors, general contractors, utility contractors and scrap yards, where a variety of heavy lifting chores are required. Read more about Truck Mounted Material Handlers


Whatever your application, we offer a wide array of attachments to do the job in the most efficient manner possible. We recognize that the attachment is the engaging part of the is in the work. Therefore, we design them to not only perform on the carrier they are mounted to, but also to hold up in the environment they are exposed to. We accomplish this by using high strength and wear resistant materials and components. We also provide as much protection as possible to the critical components to minimize downtime yet provide enough access for easy maintenance. If you don't see an attachment that you need, please give us a call. Our portfolio of attachment offerings has grown primarily through customer requests. Read more about Attachments

Mining, Foundry, and Custom Products

Due to our proximity to a number of open pit iron ore mines, processing facilities and foundries, we have developed several products specifically for these markets including cable reel handlers, rod mill liner handlers, rod mill work platforms, casting handlers and slag pot tippers. We also recognize that almost no two facilities are alike. Therefore, we routinely custom design our products to suit specific needs. Read more about Mining, Foundry, and Custom Products

Auto Dismantling System

The Builtrite™ Auto Dismantling System is designed to fully process automobiles, from removing the engines/transmissions to the radiators, wiring harnesses, heater cores, air conditioning units, etc. Most operators are able to process from 6 to 10 automobiles per hour, substantially increasing their production and providing a quick payback on their investment. It is designed to work on most wheeled or tracked, 18-24 Metric Ton excavators. Two Hold Down Arm options are offered, allowing them to mount to bladed excavators (arms replace the blade) and standard excavators (no blade…we provide the mounting brackets, cylinders, etc.). The grapple was designed with substantial input from end users, providing the correct geometry to allow the operator to fully process any automobile.Read more about Auto Dismantling System