Model 88-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler

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The Builtrite, Talon 88-TM, Truck Mounted Material Handler is the most advanced truck mounted material handler on the market today. It features an excellent lift capacity, a pilot operated, on demand, load sensing hydraulic system, which equates to being incredibly smooth, fast and very easy to operate, even for the beginner operator. It also offers several unique safety features, including heavy duty ladders with grip strut treading and hand rails, a heavy duty, front operator guard and wrap around guard rail. This loader is designed for railroad maintenance work, curb-side pick-up of white goods, garbage, woody debris and logging applications.


Key features of the Model 88 include:

  • 23’ straight boom or optional, 22’10"-26’10" boom (with 4’ squirt boom option).
  • Main and Jib Cylinders-Built in counterbalances (load locks) & induction hardened rods. Rod eyes are friction welded to the rods for maximum weld penetration.
  • LED Lights-On both sides of jib boom.
  • Seat, Controls, Operator Guard-Ergonomic fold down seat; wrap around operator guard and heavy duty front guard; ergonomic pilot operated joystick controls with arm rests.
  • Tower Access-Large opening in tower (both sides) for easy access to hydraulic lines and hydraulic collector. The steel covers are easily removed with a socket wrench.
  • Ladders-20" Wide and 2" Deep With Grip Strut Treading, 3/4" Solid Round Handles; last rung mounted with rubber belting to avoid damage, if struck.
  • Stabilizer Legs - Pin on, removable above grade for serviceability; 44" Total Extension; Swivel or fixed Stabilizer Pads.
  • Hose Tray - Keeps hoses tight on jib end.


Increased Lift Capacity
Overall, the lift capacity has increased significantly from the previous model, especially the jib boom performance.



Note:The lift capacities shown above do not reflect the weight of a grapple or magnet. Grapple and/or magnet weights must be deducted from the above figures to gauge the lift capacity with these attachments.


Main Boom and Jib Boom Design

  • Fabricated Main Boom and Jib boom, made from high tensile steel.
  • Boom Length - Retracted length 22’10" with 48" telescopic boom extension (26’10" total reach).
  • To keep hoses from looping out and being exposed when the jib is retracted, a unique, slide tray was incorporated to keep the hoses in alignment at the end of the jib, keeping the hoses from harm’s way.
  • Two high powered, LED lights mounted to each side of upper jib boom. Additional light mounted on inside of operator guard.
  • Aluminum bronze bushings on all pivot points.



Hydraulic System

  • Pilot operated, pressure compensated load sense controls using a single, variable piston pump operating at 3,250 PSI. This operating system is 20% faster and more energy efficient than traditional gear pump systems. Requires 2000 RPM @ Pump for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Ergonomic joystick controls to alleviate fatigue.
  • Highly efficient, pressure compensated sections in main control valve.
  • 60 gallon hydraulic tank (Remote mounted) with easily serviceable, high capacity, in tank return filter.
  • High capacity, 12 Volt oil cooler with bypass.
  • Hydraulic / Electric collector features 4 hydraulic passes and 23 electrical passes for operating a variety of attachments, magnets, additional lighting, etc. The 3,250 PSI operating pressure is ideal for running grapple saws.


Rotation System

  • Continous rotation using heavy duty, 27" rotation bearing and hydraulic motor/gearbox capable of providing 6.5 RPM and 8.700 Ft. Lbs. of torque.
  • Foot pedal or joystick controlled.



  • Fabricated structure with enhanced access to hydraulic and electrical collector, yet still provides protection for hoses.
  • 20" wide, dual ladders, featuring 4" deep rungs with grip strut treading for maximum traction/anti slip. Solid round, 3/4" diameter steel rod, hand grips.
  • The tower requires 26" of truck frame and can be mounted either as a back of cab, tail mount or trailer mount.



  • Platform rotates with operator for maximum visibility.
  • Ergonomic seat and joystick controls for maximum comfort.
  • Safety guard rail around operator and heavy duty, front shield.
  • Comfortable, fold down operator’s seat with seat belt.



  • Independently operated stabilizer legs allow loader to be operated on uneven surfaces. Controls located on operator’s platform.
  • Swivel leg pads form to the contour of the ground, providing maximum surface contact for enhanced stability.
  • Stabilizer legs and cylinders are removable above ground for easier servicablility.
  • Dimensions




  1. Designed for high pressure.
  2. Built in, counterbalance (load locks), on all cylinders, including stabilizer legs & grapple.
  3. Induction hardened rods on main and jib cylinders for better protection against impact.
  4. Robotic welded barrels / Inertia welded rod/rod eyes.
  5. Built in hydraulic slow downs.
  6. 2.5" Cylinder pins and bearings for longer life.



  1. The weight of the loader, minus the attachment is 6,700 Lbs. (3,045 Kg.)
  2. Builtrite offers a wide variety of attachments to suit numerous applications.
  3. Mounting bolts are included in the price of the loader.
  4. Lubrication - a centralized, lubrication manifold block is provided and can be greased while the operator is sitting down in his seat. This system greases all pivot points except the jib tip and attachment. Auto Lube is an option.
  5. Standard colors are Builtrite yellow, white or black. Custom colors available upon request.




Model 88-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler specification sheet




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