Mining/Custom Products

Custom engineering and manufacturing for mining and custom products

Northshore Manufacturing has catered to the mining industry for many years, developing a variety of material handling solutions to tackle the toughest jobs. Products we have designed and built for this industry include rod mill liner cranes, rod mill work platforms and truck mounted material handlers for handling spools of cable.


If you have an application that requires custom engineering and manufacturing, please give us a call. Please click on the products below for further information.


Rod Mill Liner Replacement Handler

The Rod Mill Liner Replacement Handler is designed to load, carry and place replacement castings in rod mills, making the work much safer, less labor intensive and much quicker than traditional methods. This handler is operated via radio remote control and allows for careful and precise placement of the castings into their proper place. The telescoping arm also articulates and rotates 360º, allowing this unit to replace all of the castings within the rod mill, no matter what the position they are in. Please note that these handlers are custom designed for the specific rod mill it will be used on. Please contact us for your specific requirements. Read more about Rod Mill Liner Replacement Handler

Rod Mill Work Platform

The Rod Mill Work Platform is designed to efficiently and most importantly, safely allow maintenance personnel to work on the Rod Mill to loosen and tighten the replacement wear castings. The work platforms follow the contour of the rod mill, keeping the operator/maintenance person close to the work. This unit is radio remote controlled, allowing the person on the platform to move it him or herself. Read more about Rod Mill Work Platform

Cable Reel Handler

The Builtrite™ Cable Reel Handler is a custom engineered material handler, based off of our standard and popular Truck Mounted Material Handlers. This handler is ideal for loading and transporting spools of cable to and from mining job sites. We can custom engineer a loader based upon your specific requirements. Read more about Cable Reel Handler