Magnet Rotator

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The Builtrite™ Magnet Rotator is designed to significantly increase your production by allowing the operator to rotate the load, particularly useful when handling longer items like railroad rail, beam, pipe, etc. This unit makes stacking much more efficient and compact, taking less room in your yard. Meanwhile, trucks can be unloaded and loaded much more efficiently.


Model Magnet Rotator custom-design configurations include:

  • 360º continuous rotation, using a heavy duty bearing - our rotators are designed for the specific carrier they are mounted to, providing long life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Heavy duty electrical swivel, fully encased in a cylindrical housing with easy access
  • The electrical line is protected between the bottom plate and magnet
  • Designed to accommodate most makes and models of magnets



Magnet Rotator specification sheet



Video of Magnet Rotator


Model MR 360 Magnet Rotator working at Simko in Superior, Wisconsin





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