Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments offers 3 main product lines that are marketed under the Builtrite™ Brand. We also produce components for several O.E.M.’s and tackle custom projects within our realm of expertise. Under the Builtrite™ brand we produce a full line of Stationary Electric Material Handlers, Truck Mounted Material Handlers and a full line of Grapple Attachments that are found in the following industries:


Solid Waste / C & D Recycling

Our products are found throughout North America and the world working at various solid waste facilities and C & D operations including waste transfer stations, waste to energy facilities, municipalities, private waste contractors, etc. In transfer stations, our stationary electric material handlers are found loading and tamping solid waste into semi trailers or loading and sorting it onto conveyors. Truck Mounted Material Handlers are used by a number of municipalities and private waste haulers to pick up roadside waste. We offer a number of attachments for these machines to make them as versatile as possible.

Scrap Handling

Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments has been consistently increasing their market share in the scrap recycling industry, offering a variety of Stationary Electric Material Handlers and accompanying heavy duty attachments for feeding shredder’s, balers, and Shears. Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments also supplies O.E.M. products that are used in the waste recycling industry. A wide assortment of 4-Tine Orange Peel, Car, Demolition, and Clamshell grapples are also available.


We offer a wide variety of products for the pulpwood/forestry industry, including stationary electric material handlers for loading 8’ length logs onto conveyors or chippers. Our heavy duty pulpwood grapples are designed for extreme duty applications and can be fitted to our stationary material handlers or other O.E.M. mobile material handlers.

Railroad Maintenance

Builtrite™ truck mounted, knuckleboom material handlers are widely used with a number of the major North American railroads, performing a wide variety of maintenance related work. Due to the variation of work and sometimes under extreme conditions, our material handlers are designed to perform and last. We are also very saftey conscious, providing features like extra wide, heavy duty, grip strut ladders and extensive guarding around the operator platform. Safety is further enhanced by the use of load locks on all cylinders.

Electrical Utility / Foundation Drilling

Our truck mounted material handlers can be found with many electrical utility and foundation drilling contractors, loading matting, work tools, attachments, etc. to their work sites. The model 2200-TM is the most popular with these contractors as they offer heavy lift capability with high torque rotation, a combination that allows them to handle a wide variety of materials in a wide variety of on and off road terrain.


We offer a number of small skid steer and mini excavator attachments that are ideal for the landscaping industry to pick and place landscape rock/boulders, logs or other items.

OEM Supplier

We supply several industry leading O.E.M.’s with material handlers for their pieces of equipment, allowing the operator to self load and unload scrap steel and non-ferrous materials.

Custom Engineering and Manufacturing

Have a unique problem? If it is within the realm of our expertise (engineering, steel fabrication and hydraulics), give us a call. We’ll be happy to look at it and provide a proposal.