2/3 Tine Bypass Scrap Grapple

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The Builtrite™ 2/3 Tine Grapples are designed to handle a wide variety of materials, from scrap steel to logs and rock. Built with high tensile steel in its grapple arms and using extremely abrasion resistant tine tips, this grapple is designed to perform in extreme conditions, providing maximum durability and low maintenance, reducing your downtime. This grapple is excellent for loading and unloading stationary shears, balers and shredders. Its opposing jaw design is adept at aligning materials in the same plane, making it easier to load these machines.


Model 2/3 Tine Bypass Scrap Grapple custom-design configurations include:

  • High pressure, well protected cylinders
  • Heavy duty rotation using high torque motors (one on 2/3 SG 20T and two on 2/3 SG 30T & 45T) and heavy duty bearing
  • High tensile steel used throughout - hardened, special alloy steel used on all spade tips for maximum wear resistance
  • Heavy walled torque tubes run the entire width of the grapple frames, minimizing torsional (twisting) stresses
  • Oversized, hardened cylinder and pivot pins
  • Easily accessible, yet well protected grease zerks
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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